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Learning Hypnosis can be fun!

Student practicing the Bubble Induction in our Hypnotizing Children segment


  • Studying hypnosis while sitting on a metal folding chair under fluorescent lights in a grim, windowless room, while listening to a lecturer?

  • Learning both basic and advanced hypnosis in a comfortable office classroom that has a living-room-like setting, with plenty of hands-on experience and a lot of laughter, while moving at an accelerated and stimulating pace!

    "My graduates who attend their first hypnosis conferences frequently report that other hypnotists are amazed at how much knowledge they have. We certainly move at an accelerated speed and I incorporate many advanced hypnosis techniques in the basic class I teach, such as advanced suggestion management, advanced imagery techniques, regression to cause, parts therapy, medical hypnosis, working with children and more.

    "Part of my students' phenomenal success can be attributed to the relaxed environment and varied pace. Even though we spend long days together (10-1/2 hours!), the time just seems to speed by. My students are invited to wear casual clothes and put their feet up. There are always ample but nutritious snacks and treats,as well as plenty of laughs. Within this relaxed and joyous atmosphere, I have found it is much easier for people to learn and absorb hypnosis.

    "There is a good deal of variety during the course of a day. Each morning of class begins with a group hypnosis session. Most of the day, of course, is comprised of learning core and advanced hypnosis techniques. After each technique is taught, students then break into pairs and practice with one another, so everyone has ample experience both giving and receiving hypnosis.

    "When the class needs to unwind, we do something different but hypnosis related; we might, for instance, have fun watching a stage hypnosis show and discussing the techniques used there. In addition to my teaching, I show videos or play recordings of some of the other leaders in our field (with their permission) so that students are exposed to a wide range of styles and techniques. Some classes even have a field trip midweek where we travel to a beautiful setting like the ocean or a park to explore advanced guided imagery.

    "There's lots of hypnosis, all day long! Because class size is limited, every student receives at least one one-on-one session with me in front of the group, and is the recipient of many more sessions and suggestions from their fellows. Lifelong friendships are formed. Participants frequently have intense, life-changing experiences which they tell me are worth the entire tuition, even apart from learning hypnosis.

    "For me, teaching hypnosis is the best part. My students are treated to the latest and best hypnosis methods, and after everyone goes home--often with tears and hugs--they have the opportunity to continue neworking with other graduates and to receive lifelong mentoring from me.

    "Teaching these hypnosis courses is one of the great joys of my life!"

    Mary Elizabeth Raines, Instructor
    Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training

  • "What a grand experience! I can't imagine a more perfect course. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in developing skills in hypnotherapy. I can't wait to start practicing!"

    Linda McIntyre, Van Nuys, CA

  • "Thank you for making me feel so welcome ...and thank you for such fabulously mindful, balanced, intense and personal instruction in hypnosis; no one could have possibly been more present or invested more in us...thank you so very much for an unbelievable, mind-expanding, life-changing 10 days.

    David Tekler, Evanston, IL

  • My life has been enriched in ways that are indescribable. The quality of education...the life long friends...unforgettable!"

    Carrie Lockwood, Long Beach, CA

  • "It was indeed a life-changing experience. I enjoyed the entire process of learning, the safe & cozy environment, and the company. I will have wonderful memories forever."

    Cynthia da Silva, Vineyard Haven, MA





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