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Do you like helping people, are you bright, and do you have a fascination with hypnosis? If so, you would be an excellent candidate to study hypnotism.

The Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training is a fast-paced and friendly class, covering much more material than most comparable hypnosis courses. We welcome highly intelligent and emotionally mature individuals with a keen interest in hypnosis and a desire to help others.

 Mary Elizabeth (Leach) Raines, Director of our Hypnosis School and primary trainer

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2017 Hypnotherapy Certification Classes
in the Los Angeles/Orange County area

  • Dates to be announce
  • Hyatt House, El Segundo, CA


 Sedona Hypnosis Training Course
 Summer 2017

  • July 1-9, 2017
  • Red Rock Classroom, West Sedona, ARIZONA 

Location of our certification classes in Sedona, AZ (Classes held in West Sedona, near the Village of Oak Creek and convenient to Phoenix, Flagstaff, Cottonwood, Verde Valley, Rimrock). Our Los Angeles classes are held at the Hyatt House in El Segundo/Manhattan Beach, CA, 3 miles from LAX, near Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Malibu, and commuting distance from Hollywood, Redondo Beach, Orange County, San Fernando Valley


For information or to register for instruction in becoming a hypnotist as an adjunct to your current profession at the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training, call or e-mail:


(928) 282-2640 - CALL TODAY!

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  • Tuition is competitive;
  • Class environment is nurturing and comfortable;
  • Many free extras not found in other courses (including books, materials, hypnosis recordings, DVDs, a wealth of scripts, ample snacks, and more--our students do not even need to bring a pen!);
  • Hypnosis instruction is thorough and professional;
  • Lifelong mentoring
  • Internationally recognized instructor and leader in the field of hypnosis with many decades of experience;
  • Teaching materials, including 200-page binder and expert scripts, that cannot be found in any other course;
  • Advanced hypnotherapy training included in basic course;
  • No hidden costs or solicitations!


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  • Definition, Science, History and Overview of Hypnotism;

  • How to Hypnotize--client interview, session pre-talk, establishing rapport, full listening, suggestibility & depth testing, multiple induction procedures, use of suggestion and imagery, suggestion & imagery management, hypnotic language techniques, deepening techniques, depth testing, debriefing, discovering patterns, precautions and dangers, office management, professional ethics, working without scripts;

  • Applications of Hypnosis--techniques, scripts and suggestions addressing smoking cessation, weight loss, stress release, phobias, pain management, anesthesia, regression to cause, past-life therapy, guided imagery, parts therapy, emergency medical hypnosis, sessions for children, stage hypnotism, self-hypnosis, abreactions, reframing, healing applications, accessing inner guidance, advanced skills, and more;

  • Extensive practice by students of techniques learned;

  • Marketing Suggestions;

  • And much more!

Please see our detailed course outline: push here




  • Thorough training including both basic and advanced techniques in hypnotherapy;
  • Option for membership in the largest and most highly respected international hypnosis organization in the world, The National Guild of Hypnotists, including professional certificates suitable for framing;
      • Subscriptions to The Journal of Hypnotism andThe Hypno-gram*;
      • Discounts to conventions and continuing education*;
      • Membership in lending library of hypnosis instruction DVDs & CDs*;
  • Opportunity for additional memberships with other organizations for hypnotherapists; 
  • Begin hypnotizing others on the very first day of class;
  • Ample daily sessions both to practice hypnotizing and to be hypnotized, including an in-depth one-on-one hypnosis session with Ms. Raines;
  • Lifelong professional mentoring and support;
  • Complete hypnosis material, DVDs*, hypnosis scripts, collection of ten Laughing Cherub hypnosis recordings, books on hypnotism, hypnotherapist's testing pendulum, extensive and complete Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training printed course materials available nowhere else...and more!
  • Opportunity for personal growth

*With National Guild of Hypnotist's Membership

 Hypnosis Instruction, Mary Elizabeth Raines 

To learn more Mary Elizabeth Raines, Academy Director: push here

A message to new students from Ms. Raines: push here

Call now: 

(928) 282-2640



Specialty Training:
Past-life Regression Counselor Training, Sedona, AZ: push here

Guided Imagery Certification, Sedona, AZ: push here
 Workshops, classes and seminars offered by Mary Elizabeth Raines at the National Guild of Hypnotists Conference in Marlborough, MA  push here


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