What students at our hypnosis school receive

We are pleased to have been training students in the art of hypnosis as an adjunct to their profession for nearly 20 years, and over that time, Mary Elizabeth Raines has taught hundreds of hypnotists, primarily in small classes. A number of our graduates have become leaders in the field of hypnosis!

This hypnosis course consistently attracts bright, compassionate people from all over the world*, and our students learn at an accelerated rate. Advanced as well as basic techniques are offered. You will receive one of the most comprehensive, cutting-edge educations in hypnotherapy that is available, learning a wide assortment of techniques and styles, as well as the science behind how it works. We do not limit students to one particular school of thought or one style of hypnosis. You will understand how hypnosis works, learn the science behind hypnosis, and will then be taught how to tailor each hypnotherapy session to the personality of the client. While we use hypnosis scripts to give you a wide representation of the patter and language patterns to use in hypnosis, you will not see our graduates who are practicing professionally reading a script from a piece of paper to a client. 

The hypnosis classes are highly experiential. Often, as soon as you learn a technique, you will both giving and receiving that technique. Even though our days are long, you spend many hours in a refreshing and positive hypnotic state, alternating with an eager and alert learning state. The word students use most frequently to describe the pace is "exhilarating."

Lifelong mentoring, support and encouragement from your instructor, Mary Elizabeth Raines, is just one of the many perks of this course.

Supplies include:

  • National Guild of Hypnotist materials (2 binders, packet of scripts, membership information, CDs and DVDs, pendulum, books on hypnosis, marketing ideas & more)
  • The Academy's own binder, containing a wealth of information about hypnosis that can be found nowhere else;
  • The Academy's exclusive and extensive collection of superior scripts addressing issues ranging from weight loss to smoking, from bed wetting to childbirth, and more;
  • 4-5 additional books hand-picked by your instructor that were written by notables in the field of hypnosis;
  • Ten of our Laughing Cherub MP3s and CDs (titles include Confidence, Relaxation, Weight Loss, Past-life Regression and more;
  • Other hypnosis gadgets and gifts;
  • Notebook for taking notes;
  • Pen;
  • Healthy snacks;
  • Filtered water, coffee and herbal tea

All the above supplies are provided as part of the basic tuition, including the Academy's own binder, available nowhere else, and a complete set of hypnosis scripts from which to practice and learn the patter of hypnosis. 

You know how some classes you take only seem to be advertisements for the next class being offered? Well, our course is complete. It is like receiving a tool chest with everything you need to become expert in hypnosis, and instructions on how to use these tools, as well as numerous blueprints and plans. There are no solicitations to take another class in hypnosis. Please see the course outline for more details on some of the topics covered.

Graduates repeatedly tell us they have gone to conventions for hypnotherapists and taken special trainings, only to realize they had already learned what was being taught, and more.

We expect our students to be not just good, but expert and effective hypnotherapists who can use hypnosis effectively in concert with their current professions, and we are happy to see them making that expectation a reality!

*The students who attend our training have come from nearly all states in the USA, as well as Canada, Japan, Australia, Columbia, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Peru, Pakistan, India, China, and more.

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