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• Tuition is competitive;
• Class environment for in-person hypnosis training is nurturing and comfortable;
• Many free extras not found in other courses (including books, materials, hypnosis recordings, DVDs, a wealth of scripts, ample snacks for in-person classes, and more–our students do not even need to bring a pen or tablet for taking notes!);
• Hypnosis instruction is thorough and professional;
• Lifelong mentoring
• Internationally recognized instructor and leader in the field of hypnosis with many decades of experience;
• Teaching materials, including a 500-page book and expert scripts that cannot be found in any other course;
• Advanced hypnotherapy training included in basic course;
• No hidden costs or solicitations!

Complete Instruction Includes:

• Definition, Science, History and Overview of Hypnotism;
• How to Hypnotize–client interview, session pre-talk, establishing rapport, full listening, suggestibility & depth testing, multiple induction procedures, use of suggestion and imagery, suggestion & imagery management, hypnotic language techniques, deepening techniques, depth testing, debriefing, discovering patterns, precautions and dangers, office management, professional ethics, working without scripts;
• Applications of Hypnosis–techniques, scripts and suggestions addressing smoking cessation, weight loss, stress release, phobias, pain management, anesthesia, regression to cause, past-life therapy, guided imagery, parts therapy, emergency medical hypnosis, sessions for children, stage hypnotism, self-hypnosis, abreactions, reframing, healing applications, accessing inner guidance, advanced skills, and more;
• Extensive practice by students of techniques learned;
• Marketing Suggestions;
• And much more. Our classes are considered the gold standard of hypnosis instruction!
* Optional Membership With National Guild of Hypnotist’s Membership

Just a Few of the Benefits of Completing Our Cutting-Edge Course

  • e6deb5baThorough training including both basic and advanced techniques in hypnotherapy;
  • Begin hypnotizing people on the very first day of class;
  • Ample daily sessions both to practice hypnotizing and to be hypnotized, including a personal in-depth one-on-one hypnosis session with Ms. Raines;
  • Lifelong professional mentoring and support;
  • Complete hypnosis material, DVDs* and MP3s, hypnosis scripts not available anywhere else, collection of Laughing Cherub recordings, books on hypnotism, hypnotherapist’s testing pendulum, extensive and complete Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training course materials available nowhere else…and more!
  • Option for membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists, including professional certificates suitable for framing;
  • Subscription to The Journal of Hypnotism and The Hypno-Gram;*
  • Discounts to conferences and continuing education;*
  • Membership in lending library of hypnosis DVDs;*
  • Opportunity for additional memberships with other organizations for hypnotherapists.
    *With National Guild of Hypnotists’ Membership

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