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Mary Elizabeth Raines, author and hypnosis instructor

MARY ELIZABETH (LEACH) RAINES currently lives and teaches hypnosis in Sedona, Arizona. She is the founder of the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training and an award-winning author who has been hypnotizing people for more than half a century.

According to the National Guild of Hypnotists, Raines is “recognized as one of the leading practitioners of the art and science of hypnotism.” In 2010 she was awarded the Order of the Braid in honor of a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication, and service in the field of hypnotism.

Ms. Raines has been a certified professional hypnosis instructor since 1998, and was an adjunct faculty member for the National Guild of Hypnotists since 2000, and has led seminars & workshops at conferences for the American Board of Hypnotherapy, International Hypnosis Federation, National Guild of Hypnotists, and Mid-America Hypnosis Convention.

She developed and taught the first Guided Imagery Certification Course ever offered by the National Guild of Hypnotists at their Summer Institute, and has taught numerous self-hypnosis, guided imagery, and related classes for assorted venues including programs at Yavapai College in Sedona, Arizona (Olli), the Continuing Education Department of the University of Wisconsin, numerous Friends’ General Conference annual Gatherings, and the former Bodhi Tree in West Los Angeles. She has been a featured speaker at venues across the country, including schools and colleges, libraries, and hospitals.

Mary Elizabeth Raines has been hypnotizing people since she was 14 years old, has a private practice in Sedona, AZ, and has trained top hypnotists and leaders in the field for the past 23 years. Well versed in all areas of hypnosis, in the past she was also a professional stage hypnotist, providing laughter and wholesome entertainment for audiences. She also has advanced training in a number of adjunctive therapies.

Her formal education was in piano performance at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA, and has included independent studies in theater and film. For several years she worked with hypnosis clients in Hollywood, CA that included those in the TV and film industry.

A writer, playwright & journalist who has won regional, state, and national awards for her work, Ms. Raines has been a columnist for The Journal of Hypnotism for the past eleven years. She is the author of How to Help and Heal with Hypnosis: An Advanced Guide to Hypnotism and The Laughing Cherub Guide to Past-Life Regression (see links, below). Raines was also a contributor to professional hypnosis publications, which included the Hypno-Gram, the Hypnotherapy Journal (U.K.), the Link, and online, publications of OmPlace, the International Medical & Dental Hypnosis Association, and the International Hypnosis Federation. She has contributed chapters to books about hypnosis, including “Everyday Miracles of Hypnosis,” (ed. Roth) and “The New Consumer’s Guide to Hypnosis,” published by the National Guild of Hypnotists.”

Her goal in teaching is to empower her students so that they can one day surpass her in their hypnosis skills. Even after leaving her class, she continues to mentor her graduates.

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