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Studying hypnosis with Mary Elizabeth Raines!

The course was the best thing that ever happened in my life…I didn’t want to go home at night. It changed my life, and I’ll never be able to or want to go back.” – Judy Hager, Sheboygan, WI 

“This hypnosis class was a total mind and body experience. Everything I learned here can be applied not only in my new-found profession, but also in my everyday life. The learning experience was both intense and comfortable. What a jazz! Thank you so much for opening the door for me.” – Rebecaa Salas, Lake Forest, CA

“Intense, wonderful…an exhilarating, mind-expanding experience!” – Dove Danu, Sedona, AZ

“I got everything I had hoped…and that was only 20 percent of the total I learned and experienced. All the rest was life-changing icing on the cake. Absolutely incredible! I feel both qualified to practice and altered by all that I learned and experienced.” – Kelly Hilton, Baltimore, MD

“What a grand experience! I can’t imagine a more perfect course. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in developing skills in hypnotherapy. I can’t wait to start practicing!” – Linda McIntyre, RN, Van Nuys, CA

“The class was so much more than I expected. Every day when I journaled, I wrote ‘What an awesome day!’ I wondered each day how the next could possibly be better, or richer, or more interesting–but it was. For personal growth alone this class was worth every penny!” – Ruth Luebker, Maiden Rock, WI

“This has been a life-changing experience. It has given me the tools & training needed to perform hypnosis. Mary Elizabeth Raines is an amazing instructor who uses her God-given gifts naturally and wonderfully. I am thankful to have met and studied with such a wonderful human being.” – Charles Kendal, Coshockton, OH 

• “This course was an all-inclusive wealth of knowledge in the science of hypnosis–pure truth in a safe and open environment. Our very excellent teacher gave us not only the technical and practical skills needed to be confident hypnotists but also set our feet firmly on the path of knowledge and wisdom that some only dream of. My life will never be the same as before this class. This was a mind and life altering experience. Mary Elizabeth Raines is by far one of the most unique and loving beings I have found on this Earth so far and I count myself lucky to have been her student.” – Dorothy Smith, Milwaukee, WI

“Thank you for making me feel so welcome …and thank you for such fabulously mindful, balanced, intense and personal instruction in hypnosis; no one could have possibly been more present or invested more in us…thank you so very much for an unbelievable, mind-expanding, life-changing 10 days.” – David Tekler, Evanston, IL

• “I wish I’d had this class before my other training [in hypnosis]. The course was way above and beyond my expectations. Mary Elizabeth Raines has the ability to make learning fun! We were taught the skills and learned how to masterfully apply them. To my mentor, Mary Elizabeth: thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Dan Kimm, Carson City, NV

• “Awesome! Simply the Best! You are truly a special person and soul. You have not only touched me with your words, but you have touched me spiritually as well.” – Augustine Azeveda, Tracy, CA

“WOW! Now I know what the term ‘life-changing experience’ is saying. I honestly believe my life has been forever altered in a very positive way–a way that will radiate outward to help others.” -Vera Luther, M.D., Hemphill, TX

• “I didn’t want it to end. I’ve never enjoyed learning so much. [I most liked] the deep emotional work I experienced, and bonding with my classmates. The class pace was enjoyable and fun, yet I learned so much!!!” – Carrie Sisson, Malibu, CA

“It couldn’t have been better for me!” – Bob Martinez, Valparaiso, IN 

• “The class was more than just the basics. I enjoyed the instructor’s style of teaching…it was wonderfully paced. I loved it!”
– Kiro Kopulos, Madison, WI 

• “I was renewed, relaxed, educated, opened for a new life.”
– Kathryn Drake, FL

• “There was a massive amount of information given, combined with immediate experience. This was so soul healing, as my confidence built. The most well-rounded experience I’ve had in a LONG time. I am so grateful for this, plus I get credentials to boot!!” – Kay Taylor, Thousand Palms, CA 

• “Mary Elizabeth Raines is an amazing teacher with wisdom and grace. [The class was] educational and transformational–the best vacation I ever took. Thank you.”
– Mary Novak, Vulcan, MI

• ” I was very impressed with the instructor’s abilities to convey the subject matter, and her personal attention and care over each of us. She has a special gift for teaching and I loved this class. I received much more than I anticipated. I was very surprised at how thorough and complete this class was. I am very happy I attended.” – James Avery, RN, Los Angeles, CA

• “I thoroughly enjoyed this amazing opportunity to walk safely into a new, fascinating dimension. Thanks so much. It was a great investment of my time and money!”
– Dr. Janet Trychin, Eerie, PA

• “This class has enabled me to experience a tremendous internal shift to a place I never dreamed possible. I feel extremely powerful, energized and excited!” – Ron Broussard, Sulphur, LA 

• “The class was great. I enjoyed the hands-on work, Mary Elizabeth Raine’s style of teaching, her positive suggestions, attitudes and empathy towards all of us. Very eye opening; a life changing event for me.” – Mary Ann Bennett, Omro, WI 

• “The hypnosis certification class under Mary Elizabeth Raines’ instruction was a major turning point in my life. Our class was a very hands-on type of learning experience, which also turned out to be a real spiritual journey for all of us. Mary Elizabeth is extremely knowledgeable, and is always willing to share and encourage along the way. She helped me find the courage to follow my path. Within three months of certification, I had a successful practice with a holistic health clinic.” – Robin Loehrke, Waupaca, WI 

• “Mary Elizabeth Raines really prepared me. She did an outstanding job. I am grateful! My life has been enriched in ways that are indescribable. The quality of education…the life long friends…unforgettable!” –
Carrie Lockwood, Long Beach, CA 

• “Never have I experienced a more wonderful course. Everything was awesome!” – Anthony Stone, San Diego, CA

• “Exhilarating–life altering–both personally and for my professional future. A delightful experience, crammed with information. Extremely informative & useful.” – Elliot Aheeroni, Esq., Van Nuys, CA

• “‘It blew my mind on every level! We covered, experienced and practiced extensively on all different aspects of hypnosis. I feel very confident about applying the material we used in class.” – Karine Roman, Sherman Oaks, CA

• “A wonderful and life-changing experience. I most enjoyed being exposed to all of the different hypnosis techniques and all of the hands-on training. It is hard to put into words what a profound experience this has been. Mary Elizabeth, you created such a caring and loving environment, that six strangers could come together and bond and share on the most intimate levels.” – Charlotte Torgerson, Manhattan Beach, CA

• “[Mary Elizabeth Raines] made the entire experience comfortable and adjusted the class to our needs as well. I loved receiving and giving sessions. Enlightening. It centered me, it illustrated my strengths and empowered me. Her expertise & wealth of experiences brought out the best in me so I can be the best hypnotist I am able! Thank you!” – Lorena Lopez, Tracy, CA

• “The hypnosis certification class was one of the most important things I have ever been a part of to experience. Not only do I have new skills; it tapped into my own personal life and being. Thank you so much.” – Cathy Stone, Woodland Hills, CA

• “It was indeed a life-changing experience. I enjoyed the entire process of learning, the safe & cozy environment, and the company. I will have wonderful memories forever.” – Cynthia da Silva, Vineyard Haven, MA

• “Wonderful! Loved the transition from a feeling of insecurity to one of confidence in my ability to hypnotize. Mary Elizabeth Raines is a great teacher and guide. She has the ability to hold a room full of extremely diverse personalities together while directing them towards a common goal: excellence in the practice of hypnosis. Her training method is intense, complete…and I loved every minute of it! This course was EVERYTHING I had anticipated & hoped for–and then some.” – Raymond Dracoules, Torrance, CA

• “This has been a wonderfully fulfilling journey, one that I will forever cherish. Thank you, Mary Elizabeth, for sharing yourself with me, with us, in a way that will carry with me forever.” – Kellie Karl, Las Vegas, NV

• “I feel so honored to have studied under you. I don’t have heroes, other than my wife, but I think I’ll make an exception for you. Thank you for continuing to teach throughout the eons. I am very fortunate to be your student.”
– Josette Villegas, Sacramento, CA

• “The life experiences and wisdom that Mary Elizabeth Raines shared were worth the price alone. Absolutely wonderful. Best educational experience I’ve had.” – Dennis Plansky, DC, Green Bay, WI 

• “It was a very safe nurturing environment [and] relaxed atmosphere. Did I get what I wanted? Yes and more. Great experiential opportunities.” – Dr. Debi Yohn, Shanghai, China 

• “Was a very enjoyable 10 days that went very quickly. Lots of laughs, tears, bonding that sandwiched valuable information.” – Michael Arndt, Encino, CA 

• “I had no experience with hypnotizing people before the class started, and by the time the class ended I had hypnotized five people. All of the skills required for hypnosis can carry over to other aspects of my life.” – Catherine Toth, San Pedro, CA 

• “Thank you, Mary Elizabeth Raines, for your dedication to our learning. When I started, I knew absolutely nothing about hypnotism, and now I can say, ‘Look into my eyes’ and expect some result! It was a great time and a true learning experience. And think how much fun I’m going to be at parties now! …I’ll always enjoy learning from you.”
– Douglas Terrel, Long Beach, CA 

• “Thank you for the exceptional training. I feel very fortunate to have been drawn to you and your program. It was truly an experience I will always remember fondly.”
– Gregg Lesky, Cudahy, WI 

• “[I was already an experienced hypnotist when I enrolled in your hypnosis school and] I enjoyed the whole course, wonderfully filling most of the empty parts of my knowledge about hypnosis. I am glad I attended. I am going back much richer and confident.” – Cyrus Tajbakhsh, Cave Creek, AZ 

• “The intensity of the ten days was unbelievable. I enjoyed the persistent & experiential learning… [Mary Elizabeth Raines] made each participant feel so good about themselves and fully accepted.” – Dr. Shelley Coate, Hollister, CA 

• “The pace was perfect. While the course progressed at a relaxed pace, a great deal was learned and applied. Solid education. I go off confidently. Time well spent. I am eager to apply the knowledge.” – Paul Ebbing, Williamston, SC

• “I would recommend this to anyone. This gave me a real opportunity to grow and broaden my horizons. It was beautiful. Thank you so much for this chance to grow and prove I’m capable. I’ll never forget this ten days!” – Jason D. Bauer, Little Chute, WI 

“I’d not realized how extensive the information was that I received until I actually began practicing, and had a wealth of knowledge at my disposal. Mary Elizabeth is not only an experienced instructor, but also is encouraging to her students, giving me confidence, besides the bright white light & love emanating from her being.” – Hope Matusda, Los Angeles, CA 

• “Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience. I truly can’t imagine having taken this course anywhere else. Mary Elizabeth Raines is truly a master at what she does. This class went so far beyond ‘learning hypnosis’.” – Linda Melgoza, Tillamock, OR 

• “The class was so well presented and taught, keeping interest and vitality in every aspect… This was so great! I haven’t been taught like this before and I can’t believe how well I retained and absorbed the material taught to me. Thoroughly enjoyed learning in this way. THANK YOU!” –
Marie Houston, Oshkosh, WI 

• “I was pleased with the class. Did I get what I came for? More, in fact–much more: quality information, profound experiences and new friends.” –
Lisa Brabo, Venice, CA 

• “I don’t know if Mary Elizabeth Raines realizes what an impact that she has on all of the students that you teach. She has taught us more than just the art of hypnotism–the art of caring and compassion.” – Dennis Richardson, Bridgeman, MI 

• “Super instruction–employed multimedia, adult learning and active participation strategies. Thanks for the dedicated time and energy…!” – Joe Kools, Waupaca, WI 

• “I loved the casual, comfortable class environment, and auditory & visual teaching tools used…also the spiritual components introduced.”
– Darlene Hill, Nova Scotia, Canada 

• “There is so much taught, given, shared! It is full of learning, experience, training that is wonderful…all fits nicely together at the end. I liked the humanistic therapeutic style that was taught and modeled by Mary Elizabeth Raines.” – Colleen Linnertz, San Diego, CA 

• “I studied hypnosis under Mary Elizabeth Raines in the spring of 2003. Over the next year-and-a-half, I attended 3 hypnosis convention; during these conventions I attended many workshops and seminars only to find that much of what was being discussed were concepts and techniques we learned during our time with Mary Elizabeth. The schooling in hypnosis I received was truly a life changing experience. Our teacher continues to be a wonderful mentor and friend. When she says she is available for lifelong mentoring, that is just what she means. Ms. Raines has continually made herself available for any questions or concerns I might have. She is a truly remarkable, caring person that I would call one in a million. Thank you, Mary Elizabeth, for your teaching, mentoring and friendship.” – Bill Mitchell, Random Lake, WI

“[Asked] which presenters impressed and taught them most [they named] Mary Elizabeth Raines of Hollywood, CA, as [one of] their most inspirational and educational presenters. As one of the ‘Old Boys,’ I was happy to see some new stars emerging…”
from  THE JOURNAL OF HYPNOTISM, March 2002″International Profiles” by Maurice Kershaw, MA, BCH